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How To Make Cauliflower Rice Without A Food Processor

Admission time: When my roommate is out of community, I have a tendency to consume like a teenage boy. Cooking healthy, well balanced dishes for one just does not seem worth my time. So when she left last weekend break, my lazy brain claimed, “Go on, Kassie, have grilled cheese for dinner two nights straight. That’s completely great.” By day three, I was aching for some veggies. Get in: cauliflower rice. I ‘d intended to try it for months, however I do not own a food mill, so I didn’t bother. In my produce-deprived state, nevertheless, I located myself newly motivated– so I found a tutorial, and provided it a try. Here’s what happened. I really felt a little silly. Kasandra Brabaw Like I stated, I ‘d delay making my own cauliflower rice for months because the dish I saw called for a food processor and also I really did not have one. What’s a budget-loving 20-something to do? Buy it at Trader Joe’s. However whenever I went, they appeared to be offered out, so I simply really did not make it. When I really searched for exactly how to make it without electrical home appliances, nevertheless, I recognized that the remedy was so straightforward I should have thought of it on my very own: A box grater. MORE: 10 Surprising Things To Do With Cauliflower I mistook. Kasandra Brabaw While you can additionally make use of a mixer in lieu of a food processor, I in fact don’t have one of those either. So I went package grater path– which is most definitely the messiest of the three. Be prepared for little bits of cauliflower to obtain all over your kitchen area. Obviously, I needed to move. Do on your own a favor, and also grate straight right into an added large dish to consist of the flying little bits. I damaged a nail. Kasandra Brabaw You know when you reach try to grate the last nub of cheese on a box grater and also you are afraid that you’ll grate your fingers also? That concern existed with every portion of cauliflower. At one factor, I scraped the top of my thumbnail straight off– bye-bye immaculate manicure! My suggestions: Leave an excellent part of the stem intact to act as a deal with. You just grate the florets, so as soon as you hit the stem, you can toss the rest in the garbage or garden compost (with your totally intact fingers). EVEN MORE: Just How To Make Bread Out Of Cauliflower I had an outstanding supper. Kasandra Brabaw Although there were a few incidents along the way, making the cauliflower rice was unbelievably easy. Simply grate the florets, rub dry with a towel, as well as sauté with whatever flavors you want. I made use of salt, pepper, and red pepper flakes. After experiencing the incredible fruits (err, veggies?) of my labor, I ‘d certainly endure the mess again. While many tutorials recommend utilizing your riced cauliflower to make better-for-you fried rice, I made a decision to choose a Thai-inspired tofu as well as “rice” bowl with peanut sauce. It was so excellent I had to text my roommate to inform her what she was missing..

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