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We Tried It: Seaweed That Tastes Like Bacon

When word navigated that researchers had found an algae that tastes like bacon and also is healthier than kale, we were obviously interested. What is this brand-new wonderfood? And exactly how do we try it currently? After a conversation with Chris Langdon, head researcher on the bacon seaweed job at Oregon State College, we discovered 2 points: 1. This seaweed isn’t precisely new. It’s called dulse, and people have been eating it for centuries. The only new thing about it is the particular stress Langdon and his group are expanding at OSU– which they have actually been expanding for two decades. 2. It’s not unique since it tastes like bacon. All dulse tastes like bacon if you prepare it up just right, according to Langdon. What’s special concerning this particular strain is that it expands promptly, which Langdon hopes will certainly make it an effective as well as financially rewarding crop. But we still required to understand: Exactly how can seaweed end up with the smoky, salty, meatiness that enthralls bacon fans almost everywhere? For answers, I reached out to Langdon’s study chef, Jason Round, who offered me with some instructions as I went out on an impressive pursuit to taste the bacon-flavored algae myself. This is what I found out along the way: This things is not easy to find. I live in New York City, where there’s no lack of variety when it involves food. You could have the most effective Italian food you’ve ever had in your life, and after that walk a few blocks and have absolutely authentic Thai. However, in spite of the epic food experience that is NYC, my best choice for dulse was to walk right into Whole Foods as well as grab a bag of pre-dried seaweed that Langdon states he often locates “rancid.” kasandra brabaw So I went into the shady market of on the internet seafood buying, surfing sites that look like they were integrated in 1999. I ultimately struck it rich with a web site that offers all type of “superfoods,” dulse included, and also had a one extra pound bag of fresh seaweed waiting at my door a few days later. MORE: Is Bitter the New Umami? It smells kinda cool, at least at first. kasandra brabaw My initial idea upon opening that gigantic plan of dulse was: This. Odors. Awful. I could just equate the skunky smell to my college years– strolling with the halls of dorms, I banged on doors as well as threatened to call university safety and security on individuals plainly smoking pot inside. (I was the RA everyone hated. Sorry, not sorry.) Post-frying, the seaweed scented much less like fatality and also even more like an oily diner that serves everything fried– as well as I could breathe via my nose once more. It chefs really quick. Like superhuman speed kind of rapid. kasandra brabaw After shedding my way via a handful of dulse, I ultimately realized the sea veggie needs only a number of secs in oil to crisp up. Anything longer than that leaves you with a bitter, brittle mess. As soon as you drop dulse right into warm oil it changes from a reddish-brown shade to a murky eco-friendly. Then you have actually reached scoop it out and also repeat. It happens so fast I can only fry one item each time due to the fact that if I averted to grab a brand-new item the first one would certainly burn. It does not specifically taste like bacon. If you drop $40 on a plan of fresh dulse anticipating to change bacon forever, you’re mosting likely to be let down. “You could not mislead me with it,” stated Katie, my 6-years-a-vegetarian roomie. “Like, you could not feed it to me concealed in something and anticipate me to be like ‘Aw f * ck, I just consumed bacon.'” I’m likewise a vegetarian, and I have not tasted animal flesh in greater than 4 years. So, although my very first bite of dulse did taste like bacon (I think), I employed some carnivorous colleagues to really place this things to the examination. Not one was persuaded the seaweed could replace the bacon in their lives. Some completely hated it, like the female who claimed she would not be stunned if I informed her I drew it from underneath my kitchen closet. Others located it scrumptious, just not bacon-y, as well as claimed it would be a great option to potato chips. Profits: It’s not bacon. So it’s not mosting likely to taste precisely like bacon. MORE: No-Cook Supper: Veggie Pastas with Tofu It tastes much better as an ingredient than it does on its own. kasandra brabaw Munching on dulse alone simply isn’t mosting likely to do it for you. And also, people do not generally go around consuming simple strips of bacon anyway (if you do, we won’t judge). However if you include it to a DLT (dulse, lettuce, and also tomato) or pop some on top of a baked potato, it tastes way better. kasandra brabaw The DLT and also baked potato I made at home were wonderfully satisfying– at the very least for a non-meat-eater like me. Dulse did include an unfavorable mouthful-of-seawater aftertaste, TBH, however my flatmate claims she didn’t taste it, so possibly it’s simply me. And I could happily pack the sandwich in my face (regardless of the aftertaste) understanding the dulse offered me an extra boost of iodine, a metabolism-boosting mineral that the majority of people do not get enough of, plus less calories than actual bacon. If at all possible, get it smoked. Complete disclosure: I didn’t specifically follow Round’s guidelines. When we talked, he claimed the outright best means to bring out dulse’s bacon-y taste is to cold-smoke it prior to you fry it. Apparently it includes the smoky, umami taste my colleagues said the algae lacked. However the only place I discovered that offered pre-smoked dulse online stopped taking orders three days prior to I began my bacon-seaweed journey. And DIY cold-smoking was simply not in the cards this week. Alas, do as I claim as well as not as I do– get it smoked.

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